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    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    The Dharma Protectors of the Longchen Nyingtik Refuge Tree

    36.  Takyung Barwa
    A wrathful deity form of Guru Rinpoche

    37.  Vajra Heruka Skt. “Thunderbolt blood drinker”

    Vajra-Heruka is the wrathful manifestation of the Buddha Vajrasattva Aksobhya and his consort Vajrsa-Krodhesvari. They preside over the eastern quarter of the wrathful deity mandala. The term "heruka" indicates the terrific or powerful form of the deity. Herukas are represented with the wings of the mythical Garuda bird that is the destroyer of serpent demons. The presence of Garuda's wings on a heruka deity symbolizes his power to overcome evil.

    38.Vishuddha Heruka

    The heruka of the vajra family or the tantric teachings connected to that wrathful deity. One of the Eight Sadhana Teachings of the Nyingma School.  (Eight Sadhana Teachings [sgrub pa bka' brgyad]. Eight chief yidam deities of Mahayoga and their corresponding tantras and sadhanas that were transmitted to Guru Rinpoche by the eight vidyadharas (Indian): Manjushri Body, Lotus Speech, Vishuddha Mind, Nectar Quality, Kilaya Activity, Liberating Sorcery of Mother Deities, Maledictory Fierce Mantra, and Mundane Worship. Often the name refers to a single practice involving complex mandalas with numerous deities.)