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    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    false teachers

    A Facebook friend recently brought to my attention an example of what appears to be a false teacher, a western woman by the name of Marjerie Dadak who is teaching under the name Domo Geshe Rinpoche.  Here is a link to her website

    Domo Geshe Rinpoche was a lama of the Gelugpa tradition who died in 2001.  One her web site, Ms. Dadak claims that upon his death, his mind stream was transferred to hers and that she is now the legitimate "reincarnation" of Domo Geshe Rinpoche.  The Gelugpa have not endorsed this claim.

    For a brief biography of the lama who died in 2001 see Domo Geshe Rinpoche .

    So the question is raised, can a teacher with questionable credentials actually benefit his/her students?  My Facebook friend wrote,
    Suppose someone decides to fraudulently pose as a medical doctor. And  all  they dispense is advice, based solely on the works of other licensed medical doctors. Patients get better and recover. Some get worse and seek other medical help. When this person is exposed, does that invalidate the health of those that got better? Of course not.

    So I am at a crossroad as to which direction to go. On the one hand, yes get this Marjorie off the circuit of spiritual frauds. On the other hand, I am stuck until I can come to terms with the fact many have found spiritual health from her. And what of them. Do I need to crush their loyalty? Of course not.
    I responded:
    The advice one receives from a doctor applies only to this lifetime, whereas the advice one receives from a qualified spiritual teacher applies to all life times. The consequences of following a true vs. a false teacher have enormous karmic weight.

    Therefore the qualifications for being a true spiritual teacher are much higher than a medical doctor. This also explains why finding a true teacher is so difficult.
    Since no one can tell when death will strike, it is better to not waste time with false teachers.
    But again, where does the responsibility of the students of the woman in Wisconsin lie?  Do I have a responsibility to help expose this teacher (by writing this blog entry for example) or is it better to say nothing and avoid spreading conflict?


    Anonymous said...

    Google Domo Geshe Fraud and you will see a series of articles from www.infinitenetworks.com exposing this American woman as a con artist and a cult leader

    Greg Johnson said...

    yes, I saw your website. Your remarks would carry more weight if they were signed.

    Jampa Tashi said...

    Having been a close student of Majorie aka domo geshe, I saw many red flags in her behaviors and actions that are not comparable to the previous incarnation of Domo Geshe.

    I to wrestled with the notion that those remaining students 'seem' to be getting spiritual help and conclude they have their own path to follow and their own lessons to learn as I have my own. It has been a difficult 7 years to realize this after extracting myself from that cult.

    It is important to note to that her actions deeply affected me after I left for I struggled with the notion of what is a true guru, what is the teacher / student relationship supposed to be?

    In the end it's a trust issue. I knew marjorie before her "becoming" domo geshe and afterwards. The before marjorie was caring and lived in a altruistic manner as she was a student herself of the 8th Domo Geshe that passed away 9/10/2001.

    The "after" marjorie slowly became more controlling, manipulative and less caring, if looked at in the larger context. However, if you were a close student AND did all she said, she would love you. If not, you were exiled.

    After going through what I experienced, I eventually questioned everything she said or did. I think it will be challenging to find another teacher in which I can have complete trust in as marjorie, through her lies and deceit, completely destroyed my trust in good faith.

    She presents herself in a manner that her way is the best, yet she causes harm to the dharma with her false ordination methods, freely giving out to anyone "highest yogic tantra" initiations, even the ones who don't really understand Buddhism enough to qualify to receive such an initiation.

    While I learned from it, overall, it was a sad experience.

    Charlene Jones said...

    Please email the Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and they will confirm that Tara Wangchuk aka Marjorie Quinn aka Marjorie Dadak aka Domo Geshe Rinpoche is not the reincarnation of Domo Geshe.

    His email address is ohhdl@dalailama.com

    Anonymous said...

    There's a new website that exposes this woman, Marjorie as a fake.

    Check out www.dharmafrauds.com

    Don Carlo said...

    Unfortunately, this lady Marjorie Daduk works relentlessly to purge any website that exposes herself as being a fraud. I found her interesting because of her peculiar youtube videos where she tries to convince viewers that she is a "Lama Male" literally in a female senior citizen body , with clips of her walking for the "first" time at Target as an American female, where she vocalizes that she needs to remind new self to standup straight (because she is in a new body, and only old Asian men apparently slouch) and how amazed at how she blends in with everyone because she is in her new body (What the heck?) Its all on you tube. She has other you tube videos where she is downright insulting because she is in my opinion mocking the way Asians speak in order to impress on everyone that Domo Geshe Rinpoche is inside her head. I feel so sad for her, but more so for the people around her that think that they are venerated because of her so called initiations. I have heard that she had at one point in her early years practiced native American shaman/healing arts meditation (citation needed).

    Anonymous said...

    She attempted to heal a person suffering from schizophrenia in Germany by praying into armlaces. This is even viewed from a tibetan understanding of healing a complete failure and dangerous to the ill person and his environment.

    WiseBeardy said...

    I am a former long-time student of this woman, and along with another former student I've created a new website which explores her claim to be Domo Geshe Rinpoche, and other grandiose claims she's made about herself.

    It can be viewed at www.domogeshetruth.com.

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