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    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    Gurus of the lineage, pt. 6

    12. Samatanabahdra (Tib. Dorje Chang)
    Samantabhadra and Consort, All Good One
    As the primordial Nyingthik, Samantabhadra embodies the essence of the enlightened mind of all the Buddhas. He skillfully and spontaneously emanates teachings throughout all of space in ways that are appropriate to the spiritual capacities of sentient beings. Seated in union with his consort, their ecstatic embrace represents the union of wisdom and compassion and the ultimate indivisibility of samsara and nirvana.
    Unlike other nirmanakaya buddhas, he and his consort are not pictured in princely garb, but are naked. This is due to the pure naked awareness associated with this deity.
    See also: The Aspiration of Samantabhadra (the ten vows of the bodhisattva)

    13. Vajrasattva (Tib. Dorje sempa, Lightening Mind)

    six syllable mantra of Vajrasattva OM-VAJRA-SA-TVA-HUNG

    Vajrasattva is the Nyingthik (“heart essence”) of purification and represents the purity and healing purification power of all the Buddhas as well as the purity of the true nature of our mind. The visualization practice and mantra recitation of Vajrasattva is used to purify negative karma and when used in conjunction with the “four opponent powers” (the power of faith - the belief that the practice can actually purify negative karma; the power of regret - sincerely regretting ones negative actions; the power of promise - the promise that one will henceforth act in accordance with the Dharma; the power of action - carrying out that promise in daily life) is an incredibly powerful means of purifying our minds and overcoming difficulties.
    Please see
    for an excellent description on how to do the visualization associated with Vajrasattva as well as a discussion on the difference between "sin" and "misdeeds".


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