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    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Calling the Buddha from afar

    I once asked my teacher, Khenpo Sherab Sangpo which was better, to make actual or imaginary offerings.  He replied, "I can't say."

    While I frequently criticize the Chinese Communist party for their dictatorial regime in China and their outrageous attempts to regulate the recognition of tulkus and their genocidal emigration policy there does seem to be (from my very limited view here in the US) a resurgence in an interest in Buddhism in China.

    Consider the Golden Buddha Phone. With a price tag of over $1700, this does not seem like an item the average monk or nun could afford.
    Golden Buddha cell phone with genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and 24k gold plated finish. This is the single best phone for the successful business woman that wants to announce her elite status to the world.

    The virtual prayer hall with e-offerings allows you to give a prayer and digital offering to all the important Buddha Illuminati including;
    1. Sakyamuni
    2. Maitreya
    3. Bhaisajya
    4. Amitabha
    5. Manjusri
    6. Samantabhadra
    7. Kwan-yin

    Hmmm.  Well that's one kind of offering.  To order your virtual prayer hall, see China Vision's web site.


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