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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    The Dharma Protectors, pt.2

    38. Vishuddha Heruka
    http://rywikki.tsadra.org/index.php/Vishuddha Mind

    The heruka of the vajra buddha family and the tantric teachings connected to that wrathful diety. Often the name refers to a single practice involving complex mandalas with numerous deities.

    "Vishuddha" is also the Sanskrit name of the fifth, or throat chakra.

    39. Dechen Gyelmo "Queen of Great Bliss"
    A wrathful form of the dakini Yeshe Tsogyal.

    mandala of Dechen Gyelmo

    38. Vajrakilya


    One of the main yidams of the Nyingma School belonging to the Eight Sadhana Teachings. Many transmission lineages for Vajrakila exist. The various Vajrakila teachings are practiced widely among the Nyingma, Kagyu and Sakya schools. In early times there were some disputes about the authenticity of the Vajrakila practices. These doubts were laid to rest when the great Sakya Pandita , kun dga' rgyal mtshan (1182-1251) found a fragment of the Sanskrit original of the Vajrakila Root Tantra, the rdo rje phur pa rtsa ba'i rgyud kyi dum bu or “Vajrakilayamulatantrakhanda”, in the library of Samye monastery. In the margins of this text were notes that supposedly indicated that the text had belonged to Guru Padmasambhava himself.

    41. Lion Faced Dakini (tib.:sen-ge’i gdong ma or Senge-dong-chen; Skt.


    Simhamukha, (lit. “Lion-faced”) is regarded as one of the principal fierce manifestations of Padmasambhava. As such, she is connected with many ceremonies of the Dzogchen tradition. A fierce dakini, she is also one of the Bardo female deities.

    Out of the immensity of the dharmadhatu, the mother of all the Buddhas You arise as chief of all the innumerable Dakinis, with your magical power and shakti pulverising obstructing spirits-Homage to the Dakini Senge Dongma.

    Guhyasamaja Tantra, “The King of the Tantras”

    Simhamukha is usually depicted as dark blue, maroon, or a wine-colored lioness associated with the direction East. As she is Simhavaktra too, this deity is also an attendant of Palden Lhamo, in which case she is depicted as carrying both a kapala and a kartrika.


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