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    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Eight Supreme Ones of the Hinayana Sangha, pt.2

    4. Rahula

    Rahula (534 BC–?;) was the only son of Siddhartha Gautama, later to become the Buddha. This Pali and Sanskrit name translates roughly as "chain" or "chained one," an interesting philosophical contrast to Buddha, "the awakened one." It can also be translated as obstacle or fetter. Although Rahula was parted from his father when Siddhartha began his life as a monk, Rahula, according to several Buddhist sutras, eventually came to be a part of his father's new-founded religious order.

    5. Aniruddha Skt. "unobstructed, ungovernable"

    Aniruddha was one of the Shakya princes. He became blind one day for not sleeping, so he came to listen to Buddha's teachings. Eventually he gained Enlightenment and obtained the powers of the Heavenly Eye, i.e. he could even see into the heavens. He was one of the seven Shakya princes who became disciples of the Buddha.

    6. Kashyapa

    The most handsome disciple of Buddha who resembled the Buddha in look. Because of his similarity in appearance to the Buddha, he became a forest monk to avoid being mistaken as teacher. Legend said cremation of Buddha could not take place for 7 days, as funeral pyres could not ignite. Upon Kashyapa’s return from the forest, the fire automatically ignited.


    When Subhuti was born, all the treasures and belongings of the family disappeared. A fortune teller explained that this was an auspicious sign and that Subhuti would become wise in the realization of emptiness. The Buddha praised Subhuti as the foremost in realizing emptiness.


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